Step Into Your Power


Step Into Your Power



this is not magic.

Together, we work the system of the mind to right the balance of personal power;

to move past grief, anger, recurring patterns, addiction, health issues, or stressful relationships - 

using PSYCH-K®



what is PSYCH-K®?

PSYCH-K® is an energy psychology. It is a fast, simple and effective method used to reprogram limiting beliefs, transform past and present trauma, and neutralize stress.


how does it work?

PSYCH-K® uses muscle testing to communicate with the subconscious mind directly. We create a goal statement and put the body in a "balance" to implement change. The shift can happen in moments. It's like the body's very own fiber optic network.



PSYCH-K® is a wonderful complement to medicine. PSYCH-K® does not cure, diagnose or fix a medical condition. Instead, we change subconscious limiting beliefs that may co-create your condition, and "install" beliefs that can promote a state of health and well-being.



first PSYCH-K® session: $250

This session will last 75 minutes. We will define your issue, and clarify what you would like instead. Depending on the matter, we might be able to address more than one concern during our time together.


*in person or via Zoom

any subsequent session: $220

This session will last 45 minutes. Most issues are resolved with one appointment, though some issues may require more sessions. This is set up at your discretion. 


*in person or via Zoom

Numerology & Human Design

This combined reading is included in our session to help us determine which characteristics are authentically yours, and which are a result of social conditioning. These authentic traits can then be balanced to be embraced instead of rejected.



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I’d never heard or experienced PSYCH-K® before my session with Sachie. It was a revelation.

I have dabbled with many holistic practices, alternative medicine & therapies from reiki & meditation to counseling and therapy, all of which had their place and effect, but none so much as the self healing nature of a PSYCH-K® energy psychology experience.

While I found myself emotional during the process, it was definitely more of a release than anything else. Sachie was gentle, patient and really let me do the work with myself, acting more like a sherpa than a practitioner. I appreciated her approach and delicate handling of the situation very much.

- Sean B.

Sachie is an empathic listener, an astute guide, and a soft place to lay down the limiting beliefs and false narratives you’ve written, subscribed to, and stored in your subconscious throughout your very human walk through this world. 

After working with her once, “yes” and “no” became my favorite words — a direct result of clearer intentions and stronger boundaries. Naturally, I had to go back. After our second session, I felt like the 2.0 version of myself. Since then, my steps are lighter and more certain and my worth the undisputed motor that now propels me forward. The work we did together has allowed me to hold onto everything within me I love and let go of the baggage and self-sabotage that came with undervaluing myself and overvaluing everything and everyone around me. 

Sachie has a genuine desire to help people and her love for positive expansion is contagious. All you have to do is show up and stay open as she works in tandem with you — not on you — to aid you in unlocking your divine potential. 

 - Aimee Parker

I am writing this with a full heart of gratitude for Sachie and her work. Through her gentle but confident facilitation, I was able to heal some very deep and painful emotional wounds and bring about growth in my business. As disparate as those two ideas may seem, Sachie's guidance was able to reveal how very connected they were. My session with her was the beginning of the next chapter of my life. I truly feel free from those past beliefs and immediately felt the shift in myself. The results from my one session with her were astounding in their swiftness and potency. Thank you, Sachie for the powerfully resounding work you do. 

 - Monica Guerra

I have worked with  Sachie in Psych-K several times now.  I continue to come back because  her sessions are transformative and lasting. She brims with compassion,  humility and grace. She’s your biggest cheerleader, and your fiercest ally. She will lead you through the messy depths of your subconscious  and high five you on the other side. In other words, you want this woman  on your team. 

- Vanessa Fiola

I've had this deep pain and sadness for as long as I can remember. Often, I would find myself crying all day, for no apparent reason. After one session with Sachie, that pain and sadness is gone. I feel as though something has lifted. I feel lighter. There is calm and peace in my heart.

- Pilar Martin

I am amazed at the palpable shift I have felt since my first PSYCH-K® session with Sachie. As a Type-A overachiever, I have been tied to beliefs around perfection and control, and have historically responded to stressful situations very defensively. Sachie worked with me to create a goal statement around maintaining calmness and confidence in stressful situations, and I was able to recognize the change in my reactions the very same day of our session. My energy seems to flow effortlessly, and now, when faced with stressful situations, I am able to rationally observe the conflict with a calm and peaceful mindset. I now arrive at productive solutions quickly, as I no longer have to wait for my anger or frustration to subside. I simply cannot recommend her work highly enough. 

- Ashley Fauset

I can’t explain why this method works, what I know for sure is that it does. In the weeks since my session, the sense of groundedness I’ve felt continues to build in new and unfamiliar and thrilling ways. My relationship with my family shifted without me consciously doing anything differently, I feel more clarity around my choices and there’s no rational explanation for the shift, other than the work I did with Sachié. She helped me feel capable and strong and ready to fully step into my future without weeks of therapy, ongoing coaching courses or goal-setting. I’m moving forward with ease and power, and everyday things in my life continue to shift and grow and delight me. If this speaks to you, it’s for you. 

- Autumn Reeser

About Sachie


Sachie stumbled upon PSYCH-K® after being immersed in the healing world for well over two decades. Her fascination with human behavior and self-discovery inspired her study of western and eastern astrology, numerology, palm reading, the Enneagram, and Human Design. Her quest for optimal health along with her voracious appetite for knowledge led her to pursue many different modalities for answers. If you've heard of it, she's likely tried it - Ayurveda, acupuncture, alternative medicine, holistic/integrated medicine, Tibetan medicine, medical intuitives, Body-Mind Centering, Reiki, vegetarianism, Paleo, Keto - and although all relevant in their own right, none cured her gluten-intolerance (and consequently migraines!) permanently until she found PSYCH-K®. This extraordinary method not only renewed her love affair with the croissant, it perfectly married her enthrallment with psychology and her complex trajectory toward exemplary health as it confirmed her awareness that one's beliefs are the biggest influence on not only their physical health, but on their life. This realization immediately deepened her desire to show people that they aren't just responsible for changing their lives, they're the key ingredient. Sachie is a passionate advocate for human empowerment, and she's ready to show up alongside you as you step into living the fullest expression of yourself.

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